1. Creating an account is optional, you can complete a purchase as a guest. If you hesitate, here are some advantages of creating an account:
  • Makes repeat purchases easier
  • Helps you save money during repeat purchase by choosing the option of returning empty packaging (this applies only to certain types of packaging)
  • eCommerce accounts automatically save your billing details and address,  which means faster checkout for subsequent purchases.
  • Creating an account enables you to build a more meaningful and interactive relationship with us. Your account allows us to learn your unique preferences and personalise the on-site experience by providing tailored recommendations and a record of previously browsed products.  eCommerce accounts also enable you to leave reviews and join our online community.
  • You have faster access to special offers. Having your own account provides you with exclusive access to discounts, sales and special offers that land straight in your inbox.
  • Get rewarded for your loyalty.

2. Returning Packaging: we are always very happy when our customers wish to return empty packaging for it to be reused instead of being thrown away. If you plan to shop again at My Kbun, you can return empty packaging to our driver on your next delivery, or you may drop-off your packaging to our office in Kerobokan if you pass by.

3. Refund Policy: contact us directly if you have any issues with your order and we will find an arrangement with you.

4. Delivery Fee, Schedule and Changes: Delivery fee and other delivery details will be sent together with a finalized order via the communication channel of your choice. For more information please check the paragraph Delivery at the top of this page. In case of imponderables we  will inform you about any changes to the delivery schedule.

5. Order Cut-Off time is 3pm. Orders placed before 3 pm will be processed on the same day and delivered according to the schedule of your Delivery preferences (the choice box that you ticked during the Checkout process). Orders placed after 3pm will be processed on the following working day.

6. Change of Order: Please let us know via WhatsApp or info@mykbun.com if you wish to apply any changes to your order. Any changes are best to be communicated before the payment process.  Changes after the payment are possible but must be done at least 24h prior to scheduled delivery.

7. Complaints / Feedback: Your feedback is valuable to us! If you are happy, we would love to hear about it! If you have a suggestion we are always interested in how to improve our service or product. If you are unhappy for any reason, please give us a chance to fix it! For any of those reasons please contact us at info@mykbun.com or via WhatsApp