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White vinegar is a natural and eco-friendly product used for laundry and house cleaning. It is a great and efficient cleaning alternative that can replace many environmentally damaging products. It kills or inhibits household bacteria, dissolves water deposits and cuts through grime at a fraction of the cost of brand-name cleaning products. It is highly effective at removing odors, softening the fabric and brightening the colours of your laundry. As a household cleaning product it can clean nearly every surface around your home. It is also a great nontoxic replacement for window glass cleaning products.

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For certain stains (coffee and tea marks inside cups, stainless steel sinks, porcelain sinks and tubs, oven grime etc) it works even better in combination with cleaning soda. Please note not all surfaces can be clean with white vinegar, natural stone like marble can get damaged if treated with acidic products. products.

We use it at 10 % strength for laundry as a softener substitute (machine or hand wash). For cleaning uses it can be used at 10% strength or diluted to 6% (1 liter of 10% vinegar mixed with 0,67 liter of water to produce 1,67 liters of 6% vinegar). Add some essential oils if you want some fragrance.  

We suggest you browse the internet for many clever tips on how to keep your home clean with this versitile eco-friendly product.

 Do not use cleaning vinegar or any type of acid to clean marble, granite, limestone, or any natural stone countertop or floor. Do not use on cast iron or aluminum pans or surfaces. It can pit the metal. Do not clean knives with cleaning vinegar. It can cause pitting on the thin stainless-steel edges. If used at full strength, it can even pit stainless steel appliances. Do not use finished or waxed wood surfaces. It can remove the finish. Do not use cleaning vinegar, even in a diluted form, on devices like televisions and laptops. The acid can damage the anti-glare properties.

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