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Volcanic sand is a potting medium component and soil amendment material. It has great drainage properties and can be mixed into potting substrate or into garden raised beds soil to increase water drainage and root aeration. Volcanic sand (basalt) contains relatively high content of rock minerals—the building blocks of healthy soil- that are overtime released into the soil.  Results include improved plant structure, increased resistance to pests and disease, and more intense flavor profiles for fruits and vegetables.

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Addition of volcanic sand to the soil mix can prevent soil hardening and splashing. It can be used at the base of pots for improved drainage. The benefits of adding fresh sources of rock minerals to the soil are not new. Some of the richest, most fertile soil on the planet is found near active volcanoes, which explains why people throughout civilization have been willing to settle near volcanoes despite the potential dangers.

Volcanic  sand can be used in potting soils, garden bed preparation and landscape management for improved plant growth and health. You can use this sand in any soil and with all plants. It is even more important in sandy soils than in clay because it  helps to retain moisture. Use roughly 500gr per 1 square meter.

Volcanic sand from Malang, Java

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