TRICHODERMA - bioagent

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An active solution of a symbiotic soil fungus, effective for controlling various wilt and rot diseases caused by fungi.

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Trichoderma products can support plants in overcoming various diseases such as fusarium wilt, root rot, stem rot, various soil borne disease, leaf spot, late blight, trotol disease, leaf rust, powdery mildew etc.

Dosage: 10ml/liter. Method of application: Spraying the plants at the time of planting and every 2 weeks after planting. It is advisable to do regular spraying for prevention and plant health). Spraying on the whole plant including roots and soil.  Volume of use 400-500 liters of solution/ha (4 Bottles of Trichoderma per Ha).

Ingredients: active microbes Trichoderma sp 107 CFU/ml (10 million Colony in 1cc). 

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