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Seaweed fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made out of plant seaweed as the primary raw material. It is a high concentrate of essential macro and micro nutrients. It also contains naturally occurring growth stimulants that increases crop yields. All types of plants can benefit from seaweed fertilisers. It is very high in minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and iodine. It is also an abundant source of vitamins that are unavailable from terrestrial plants.

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Easily absorbed by plants, either through roots or leaves. Liquid seaweed fertilisers are strong; therefore, dilution is essential to avoid burning seeds and roots. This fertilizer also promotes bacterial activity in the soil, promotes nutrient intake by roots and improves plant’s resistance to disease, pests and abiotic plant stress.

It can be used all around your garden – on your lawn, fruit and vegetable patch or on flowers. The rate of dilution depends on the type of plant you are fertilizing but for most garden plants, you should dilute it 1:50 (5 tablespoons per 4 liters of water). For indoor plants use 1 tablespoon per 4 liters of water. In very diluted form (2 tablespoons per 4 liters of water) it can be used as foliar spray on seedlings once they develop at least two pairs of true leaves which indicates it has established root growth. This is a good time to start spraying your seedlings for growth support.

Variety of natural plant growth regulators contained in seaweed fertilizer can stimulate the production of non-specific active factors in plants. It also enhances the plant-soil ecosystem and can increase soil organic matter via activation of various soil microorganisms. It is also safe and non-toxic to humans and livestock and has no pollution to the environment. Made in Bali out of seaweed harvested sustainably in West Bali.

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