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Rice hulls are one of the most sustainable soil amendments available to gardeners. They improve soil drainage, water-holding capacity and aeration. Unlike perlite and other rock products, rice hulls do not require mining which makes them an excellent sustainable alternative. They are biodegradable (a slow process due to their high silica and lignin content) and will add to the organic matter content of the soil. Decomposed rice hulls will help to strengthen the plants’ cell walls and increase the plants resistance to pests, drought and heat.

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Rice hull (or husk) is the protective outer coating of the rice grain. It is a by-product of agriculture that would otherwise be considered as waste. Rice husks are an excellent base material for potting mix when combined with soil, compost and manure. If used in a potting mix it is optional to sterilize the rice husks (steaming for 10 minutes) to avoid rice grain germination. You can omit this step and remove occasional rice sprouts if they germinate in your garden.

Mix in top 15-20cm of the soil or as a thick mulch layer. Rice husks do not cause a nitrogen deficiency shock like wood shavings or wood chips do. They can be premixed with manure compost (up to 25%), which will additionally benefit your plants. In the compost pile, rice husks are a long run carbon source and compost aerator. Due to their long decomposition they will contribute to the aeration of the compost pile and soil for a long time after you have added this compost to your soil. 

Because rice husks are not heat treated, they do contain a tiny portion of viable rice seeds. When using rice husks in the garden, they will sprout and appear as long grass blades. It is very easy to remove them by gently pulling them out.  If using rice husks for your potting mix, we recommend sterilizing the rice husks by steaming them for 10 minutes. Unprocessed rice hulls sourced in Bali.

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