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A selective blend of active soil microorganisms, effective for controlling diseases caused by fungi, oomycetes and other plant pathogens.

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It can help a plant to overcome various diseases such as crackle disease, blast disease, anthracnose disease, leaf spot, late blight, rot / lodoh, trotol disease, leaf rust etc. These bacteria also are able to fix nitrogen and colonize plant roots as Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria.

Spraying on plants every 2 weeks at planting age 1,3,5,7 and so on weeks after planting. (It is advisable to do regular spraying for prevention of diseases and maintenance of plant health. Spraying is done on the leaves and fruit. Use volume 400-500 liters of solution/ha (4 bottles of Paenibacillus per Ha)

Active microbes: Paenibacillus polymyxa 107 cfu/ml (10 million Colony in 1cc) active against causes of Disease:such as Fusarium oxysporum, Pyricularia oryzae, Sarocladium sp., Colletotrichum sp., Cercospora sp., Phytophora infestans, Alternaria spans , Pucinias sp., Oidium sp.

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