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Natural pesticide with 100 % pure neem oil and added emulsifier. Neem oil is obtained by cold pressing. It contains natural plant active substances that repel or inhibit many types of diseases and pests. Neem oil insecticides can be used throughout a planting season because they affect insects during all phases of their development. This organic insecticide is suitable to use on any type of vegetable, crops and fruit trees. It can also be used in horticulture and on ornamental foliage. It is an excellent organic pest management for butterfly, moth caterpillars and larvae beetles. It also deters grasshoppers. Neem oil does not harm insects like honey bees and other pollinators, domestic animals and birds.

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Neem oil has moderate to good efficiency on pests such as leaf-eating beetle, sucking insects, white fly, plant lice, moth tick, leaf-sucking spider and fruit eating caterpillars.

Other benefits of the neem oil based insecticide are protecting seedlings from pests, inhibiting viral and fungi plant diseases as well as disrupting the life cycle of mosquitoes. 

Use as a foliar spray at dusk and/or dawn to ensure you are not causing any harm to beneficial pollinator insects. Avoid applying in the middle of the day to not burn the sprayed foliage. Can use on the seedlings once they have 3 pairs of true leaves.

This Organic Bio Pesticide already contains an emulsifier. If you want additional emulsification add an agent like dish detergent or preferably soapnut liquid or castile liquid soap. Add up to 1 teaspoons of emulsifier to 1 tablespoon of  Organic Bio Pesticide. Mix thoroughly. Add 4 liters of water and shake to obtain a homogeneous mix. You can add a few drops of peppermint essential oil  because many bugs are repelled by the fragrance, as well. Use as a foliar spray or pour over the soil around your plants every 7-14 days as prevention measure or every 5-7 days to control present infestation. Make small batches and use within a day. Use on all parts of the plant.

Cold pressed neem oil with natural pesticide components Azadirachtin, Salannin, Meliantriol, Nimbin and Nibidin. Azadirachtin interferes with growth and reproduction (infertility) of pests and reduces appetite. 

Neem oil also has an inhibitory effect on the metamorphosis phase of pests. Nimbin and Nimbidin stop the activity of viruses found in plants and those carried by insects.

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