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A 100% biodegradable laundry soap, gentle on fabric, strong on dirt. Using this natural soap will prolong the life of your garments and linen and help protect the environment at the same time. Pure Green Lemon Natural Laundry Soap does not harm groundwater, rivers, or oceans, and is safe for septic systems.


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Suitable for hand or machine washing. It does not contain any synthetic surfactants of phosphates. The grey waste water from your washing machine and drains is usually directly released in the sewers which flow into rivers and other waterways. Harmful chemicals negatively affect aquatic life and can contaminate our drinking water. By the simple act of choosing a natural laundry detergent, you’re keeping your share of all those nasty toxins out of the environment.

Large load: use 50ml for lightly soiled laundry and up to 100ml for heavily soiled laundry. Use less for smaller loads.

Extra concentrated, enough for 100-200 loads of wash (depending on the level of dirtiness) Made from water, coconut oil, KOH, essential oil, ethanol. No petroleum derived chemicals, 100 % biodegradable. Made by Bali Soap by using natural ingredients from the Indonesian archipelago. Bali Soap strives to create products that are genuinely safe for people and the environment and produced in a non exploitative way.

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