Wood chips can be used as a mulch protective layer that retains soil moisture and slowly releases organic matter back into the soil. By providing food for fungi, wood mulch builds garden soil in your garden. Decomposition of wood chips will over time increase the levels of organic matter and humus. Mulching also protects soil surface from harsh environmental conditions like heavy rains or scorching heat.


Spreading a layer of small sized woody material around the base of your garden plants also suppresses weeds and keeps roots cooler. This type of mulch takes longer to break down but eventually enriches the soil. Woody materials are high in carbon and draw nitrogen out of the soil in order to decompose. For that reason we recommend the wood shavings or any other woody material is never tilled into the soil. 

The best way to prevent temporary nitrogen loss shock when you use wood waste products as a garden mulch is to simply sprinkle extra nitrogen (animal manure or other fertilizer) on the planting surface before mulching. 

When scattered strategically in your garden, wood chips can be used to create a natural pathway while also reducing soil erosion and preventing weeds.

Locally sourced wood chips from untreated wood.

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