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Rice straw is an excellent organic mulch to efficiently and sustainably control weeds and soil moisture. It will keep your vegetable garden looking neat and is especially effective at keeping leafy vegetables and herbs such as parsley, celery, kale, mustard greens and lettuce from becoming mud spattered by overhead watering or rain. Mulching the vegetable and fruit garden is critical during extended dry seasons if you want to conserve water and not weed. By decomposing it will add a valuble amount of organic matter to your garden soil.

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It is an effective way to cover a bigger surface.  Once decomposed, rice straw will add valuable organic matter to your soil. Add additional layers to replace the straw that has decomposed. Unlike wheat, oat and barley straw, rice straw does not contain weed seeds that could contaminate the garden. 

Take rice straw out of the bag and fluff it up by pulling it apart. Apply a thick layer around your plants. Water it down. The layer will deflate because watering will push air out. If you feel the layer is too thin, add more in the same manner. Once rice straw is put down and watered in, it tends to cling to itself. Big winds rarely blow it about, especially after a good soaking

Naturally dried rice straw sourced in Bali. It is clean, long lasting and carries only a small amount of viable rice grains that can potentially germinate in a wet mulch layer. Seedlings are grass like thin blades that are very easy to remove by pulling up. Rice straw is slow to break down compared to wheat and barley straw. Do not till it in the ground or run over it with the lawn mower unless it is fully decomposed. Fresher rice straw tends to get wound up in the blades rather than shredded. Rake it out of the way, then place back after mowing or tilling.

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