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Washing soda is an excellent fabric stain remover but without the color bleaching effect. It is effective in a broad range of water temperatures and is color and fabric safe.


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Also sodium percarbonate, laundry soda is extremely gentle on the fabric and color since there is no chemical damage and weakening of the fabric. It  is a great laundry disinfectant (it kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and mildew) which extends the time between your linen and towel change. It brightens colors  and continual use will not cause yellowing or graying of cotton fabric.

Washing machine: add 30g/60g/120g (from light to heavily soiled) in the washing machine drum together with clothes. Continue as usual.

Hand wash: add 30g/60g/120g (from light to heavily soiled ) in the bucket together with laundry detergent.  Soak for 30 min up to a few hours or even overnight. Continue as usual.

Deodorizing or yellowed fabrics like curtains, sheets or sweaty sportswear: use  60g per 5 litres of warm water. Soak overnight then wash as usual.

Also known as Oxygen Bleach, this agent is not chlorine bleach. The two work very differently. Laundry soda  is a micro bead powder made up of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. In water it  breaks down to oxygen, water and sodium carbonate (soda ash).

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