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Set up your mini vertical garden either indoor or on your terrace! It works great for growing leafy edibles like salad, bok choy and mustard greens, herbs like parsley and chives, or a variety of ornamental plants. Boost your health and use it to grow your superpowered microgreens!

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A set includes planters and a bottom drainage plate that catches the excess water. Planters have drainage holes and come with a cover for the holes and an activated biochar.  Make sure the convex side of the cover is on the top. Along each side of the cover, cover the bottom of the planter with a layer of biochar. The cover itself does not need to be completely covered with biochar. Both the cover and the biochar serve as a filter to keep the soil inside the planter. Biochar is additionally trapping the nutrients that would otherwise drain out and is also precharged with healthy soil microbes and nutrients.

Use ropes to assemble the hanging planter as seen in the photo. When planters are filled with the soil, the weight of planters and soil will keep the rope under tension, straighten it and prevent it from sliding off. If you worry the rope might still slide off, you can always position it on the inner side of the ends (at the very end of the planting opening) ), where the little edge will secure the rope even further.

Diameter given is the average value. An individual pot may have a slightly different diameter. Bamboo is a natural material, so each Hanging Bamboo Planter has slight variations in size, shape and color that differ from the example in the photo. Over time bamboo can crack. That is a natural occurrence which is often barely noticable and does not affect the functionality of the product.

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