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HAND TROWEL - pointed end

Rp 55.000

A solid and bend-proof garden trowel is a much-needed tool  for your daily gardening activities. It can be used for numerous tasks like digging small holes when planting seedlings or re-potting,  for mixing and scooping up soil and compost, digging up weeds, breaking up clumped soil and more.

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A good  garden hand trowel can last you a life-time when looked after correctly.  This trowel is made of a strong, coated metal to maximize use and longevity. Scoop shaped blades will function well when digging and planting.

Garden tools should be cleaned and wiped dry after each use. Like pruners, infected garden trowels can spread diseases from plant to plant so make sure to disinfect with alcohol or wash with detergent before wiping them dry if the trowel was in contact with a diseased plant. Garden trowels should never be left outdoors. When not in use, best is to hang them up.

Long lasting full metal garden hand trowel. Trowel is 27 cm long with a 7cm wide blade. It has an ergonomically shaped handle and sharp enough edges for easy insertion into the clay soil.

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