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Great tools when gardening with our terracotta and bamboo planters! Container gardens have a smaller soil surface so smaller gardening tools are necessary. Hand trowel and rake are ideal for tasks like digging into soil when (trans)planting, breaking up hardened dirt clods, loosening soil surface, aerating potting soil, removing weeds as well as mixing soil and compost or scooping fertilizer.

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Sturdy and bend-proof, made fully of iron. Trowel is great for digging small holes when planting. It is also easy to use when potting smaller pots and planting bags. Apart from planters, hand trowel and rake can be handy when working on garden borders and places where a large tool won’t fit or will damage plants. Rake is useful for loosening of the compacted potting soil and raking fertilizer into the topsoil.

Properly clean and storage of any garden tool will increase its lifespan. Trowel blades and rake tines should be cleaned and wiped dry after each use. Infected garden tools can spread disease so sanitizing with alcohol or washing with detergent is advised if tools have been in contact with diseased plants. Garden tools should never be left outdoors. Best is to hang them up when not in use.

Long lasting full metal garden hand trowel. Hand trowel is 31 cm long with a 7cm wide blade. Hand rake is 27cm long and 8 cm wide.

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