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GDM SaMe Granule Bio Organic is a highly concentrated organic extract containing premium bacteria and complete macro-micro nutrients. The application of this soil improver has a great beneficial effect on damaged soil. The macro and micro nutrients contained in GDM SaMe granules nourish plants and improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil. Granules also function as an adhesive for soil nutrients, so that plant nutritional needs can always be fulfilled, not easily lost or washed away and absorption can become more optimal in various stages of growth.

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Different bacteria species contained in GDM SaMe give a boost to the healthy microbial life of the soil. Due to its microbial composition, GDM SaMe can also help in  preventing transmission of soil-borne diseases like root rot, stem rot, leaf spot, plant wilt, downed seedlings, downy mildew, Aeromonas, Vibrio, etc.. 

GDM SaMe Soil Improver synergizes the benefits of other GDM products such as GDM Black BOS and GDM Liquid Fertilizer. The perfect combination of these three Organic GDM products is proven to increase crop yields and profits many times over. 

Apply as suggested on the label of the product.

GDM SaMe Granule Bio Organic contains 6 types of premium bacteria that have multiple functions. The macro and micro nutrients contained in this product function as fertilizer to nourish plants, while the 6 types of bacteria function to produce enzymes, hormones, and natural antibiotics to increase plant’s growth, productivity and immunity.

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