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GDM is an organic liquid fertilizer high in nutrients. It supports the growth and development of plant roots, increases plant resistance to disease, and boosts the food crop quality and yields.  It is produced from 100% pure organic ingredients and is environmentally friendly. Due to its high content of beneficial bacteria, it also supports the health of the soil which is imperative for the health of the plants. GDM Liquid Organic Fertilizer Specialist Food Crops is suitable for every kind of vegetable crop in your garden – leafy and root vegetables, cereals, climbing vines, brassicas, herbs and any other type of vegetable.

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All ingredients of GDM are fresh, obtained daily and processed immediately so that no decay process occurs which would allow the entry of contaminants. GDM liquid fertilizer is also rich in beneficial bacteria which can support plant growth and improve the availability of nutrients in the soil. Each bacterium has a different function, but all of them work together in balance.  By using the selective organic ingredients, GDM is able to provide better and guaranteed results.

Dilute and apply as suggested on the label of the product.

Organic waste in the manufacture of GDM products consists of agricultural organic waste, animal organic waste (manure) and organic fisheries waste, all of which are proven to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, help improve soil microorganisms content and macro/micronutrient content. It also contains mineral and protein rich seaweed. Bacteria contained in GDM liquid organic fertilizer are mainly for Bacillus and Pseudomonas genus.

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