FREEMITE 200+ termite treatment

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Non-Toxic Neem Oil-based Anti-Termite of premium quality. It is highly concentrated (x 200) stable emulsion and proven efficient according to International Standards.

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SKU: GS-P&DC-FM200-500ML

Freemite 200+ protects houses, foundations, constructions, wood, bamboo, rattan and other organic materials. It is efficient against termites, subterranean termites, powder post beetles and wood worms. Works as well on ants and other insects. For domestic and professional use.

Contact us directly for 5 liter and 50 liter containers.

Dilution: Read the label carefully before use.

500 ML of Freemite200+ concentrate obtains 101 Liters ready-to-use termite exterminator. You can apply ANY KIND OF FINISH after a treatment with Freemite200+.

When used at recommended rates it is safe for humans,  pets, beneficial insects, pollinators and honeybees, soil microorganisms, earthworms.No special protection needed, however keep out of reach of children – Avoid inhaling and ingesting – Avoid contact with eyes and skin If in eyes, skin or clothes, rinse with plenty of water. If swallowed, make the person drink water and get medical advice.

Components: 87% of NEEMO, a 100% Pure NEEM SEED OIL, cold pressed, double filtered, no solvents or chemicals (free from Aflatoxin B1, G1, B2, G2), certified organic by ECOCERT, approved by ECOCERT for use in organic agriculture. A plant-based NANO-EXTENDER for better penetration and high binding rate with the soil or material such as wood or bamboo. Main active compounds: Triterpenoids, Azadirachtin A & B, Nimbin, Nimbidin, Salannin, Salannol, Triglycerides, Sterols, Saponins.

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