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Sawdust and wood shavings are a good source of a brown matter (carbon) for your compost pile. Mix it up with your greens (grass clippings or kitchen scraps) to create a balanced compost base.

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Packed in a 25 liter bag. For composting purposes, sawdust is considered a “brown” composting material. It is used to add carbon to the mix and to balance the nitrogen from the “green” composting materials (like kitchen scraps and grass clippings). Once decomposed, any wood material will enrich the soil and increase its fertility.

Sawdust also soaks up moisture and absorbs odors, which makes it a good substitute for commercial kitty litter. 

When composting sawdust, you will want to treat the sawdust just as you would dry leaves, meaning that you will want to add it in an approximately 4:1 ratio of brown to green materials. Add some water if you feel the mix is too dry.

Sawdust from untreated wood, sourced in Bali.

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