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Give your plants a good start with this nitrogen rich compost mix!  It is a great addition to a potting mix or used as a fertilizer and amendment for the raised garden bed. This compost will boost the growth of your  leafy greens and the moisture-retaining coco coir will help plants stay hydrated. Rice husks ensure the planting medium is well aerated and drained of excess water.

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The nitrogen rich manure compost will support the lush growth of your leafy vegetables. Coco coir retains water and will reduce drought stress on your plants. This is an important factor when planting in  bamboo planters or terracotta pots and planters, where the volume of the soil is smaller and the potting mix tends to dry out faster.

Mix with topsoil or as as part of a potting mix up to 50% of the total volume.

A mix of cow manure, goat manure, chicken manure, organic compost, rice husks and coco coir.

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