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Coarse organic compost is compost with particle size of 2 mm – 1 cm or more. It is a great amending component of planting media for the garden beds or directly in your garden.

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Packed into 25 liter bags and weights around 15 kg. Made mainly with plant residues and food waste that were processed with a hot composting method with addition of beneficial microorganisms. 

This compost can be used as a soil amendment or as a thick mulch layer that will gradually release nutrients as it is further breaking down in situ. Mix with the soil prior to planting. Water the area then let it rest for a few days before planting. If using for established plants, apply as a mulch in a thick topical layer or as a top dressing.

Hot composting process kills potential pathogens and any seeds that could contaminate your garden. The result is a good quality compost without the worry of contaminating your garden. Compost is made and sourced in Bali.

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