Black soldier fly frass fertilizer (BSFFF) is increasingly gaining momentum worldwide as organic fertilizer. Yield and nitrogen use efficiency of your garden are improved with the application of this environmentally safe and sustainable fertilizer. Frass refers loosely to the more or less solid excreta of insects, and to certain other related matter. It is odorless and rich in nutrients and it was tested to perform better than commercial organic and inorganic fertilizers.

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Black Soldier Fly  (Hermetia Illucens) is considered a beneficial species of insect that efficiently breaks down organic material, especially the green (high nitrogen) matter in decomposing plant materials, any food waste and manure.

You can mix BSFFF directly into your topsoil or potting mix. Use 1 part of the frass to 4 parts of potting mix. The second option is to brew “frass tea” by mixing ½ cup of frass with 4 liters of water and 1 teaspoon of molasses. Let it stand for up to 24 hours, mixing as often as possible to introduce the oxygen. We like to use a water dipper for this purpose, scooping the brew from the deepest part and pouring it back into the mixture from as high as possible to create many bubbles and aerate the brew. Alternatively use an aquarium pump to oxigenate the brew.

The adult black soldier  flies are not a pest or nuisance since they have no functioning mouth parts nor do they have a stinging mechanism. The larvae – which are fairly big  (2 cm), grayish color and torpedo like flattened shape- is  the predominant form of their life cycle. They feed voraciously on any organic matter in moist and warm conditions and they even feast on the smaller larvae like domestic fly, which results in reduced number of those nuisance insects around the home. Black soldier fly frass is made and sourced in Bali

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