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Burnt rice hulls are a  highly porous and stable form of carbon that is extremely valuable as a soil amendment. The pores absorb nutrients and moisture, and provide habitat for billions of beneficial microorganisms. Biochar is beneficial for many types of soil. It can increase porosity of clay soils, increase moisture retention in sandy soils and retain nutrients in soil with high rainfall. It improves soil fertility when activated with nutrient sources such as manure and compost.

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Burnt rice husks act as a sponge and are able to retain and house numerous essential nutrients, water and microbes, preventing their leaching and simultaneously providing a steady supply of nutrients and healthy conditions for your plants. 

Best is to bioactivate biochar before application: mix biochar in 50:50 ration with fertilizer (compost, aged manure or any other fertilizer for your plants specific needs). Moisten the mix and let it sit for 10 days so that biochar can absorb the nutrients and microflora into its pores..If you do not charge biochar before adding it to soil, the biochar will soak up the nutrients and microbiology from the soil, which can actually temporarily reduce fertility. Once activated, sprinkle biochar on the surface of the soil and gently rake it into the top layer.

Using up to 5 or even 10% of biochar in the top 15cm of the soil is a common practice. You can see results from using even less. Rice hulls biochar made and sourced in Bali.

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