Gardening adds years to your life
and life to your years



Our vision is to inspire people to reconnect with nature and nurture their sense of responsibility for the state of Earth. We are striving to become a place, where people can find and discover a wide range of products needed for their home growing projects and a greener lifestyle. Besides offering a range of gardening products, we envision My Kbun to become a platform and forum for exchanging gardening and sustainable living ideas and advice.

Our deepest wish is to teach the youngest generation about the permaculture way of living! We think of starting by donating gardening beds in order to initiate more gardening projects at schools and eventually develop age-appropriate permaculture courses for children. Only when the youngest amongst us understand well the interconnectedness of all living beings and the web of interdependence in our ecosystem will the future of our planter be in safe hands.

We want to contribute to the world’s transition to sustainability by making gardening accessible to as many people as possible and by offering alternatives for a greener lifestyle! In our efforts to support small local businesses, we are prioritizing our collaboration with local artisans and producers. With those choices as well as with finding ways to minimize packaging, grouping orders for long distance deliveries, opting for sustainable material for our products and by other means and choices, we are making efforts to render our little venture as sustainable as possible.

We are passionate backyard gardeners living in Bali. We were always conscious about the quality of food we put in our body and how our life choices impact our environment and people around us. Out of a desire to have some control over the quality of produce we eat, we started organic regenerative gardening, growing some of our own vegetables and herbs. It feels empowering every time we add freshly harvested veggies to our meal and we love it that we have so many live herbs at our hands. The best part is we can take as little or as much as we need and without any plastic wrapping!  We are always in search of ways to improve our gardening skills and we are passionate about integrating permaculture principles into our life. Caring for Earth and people is becoming our lifestyle.

Here on the island, we managed to find almost everything we needed to start home gardening but the task of sourcing was not always an easy one. To our disadvantage we also found different products in different places, which often presented us with logistic problems amongst others.  Somewhere along searching for ways to simplify our gardening experience, an idea of My Kbun was born – a place where we could get all the gardening essentials we needed. While growing the concept of My Kbun, we also put emphasis on fair price for everyone, importance on supporting local suppliers and practicing sustainability.  Everything we do, we do with love and intention to be in harmony with our surroundings. We hope to bring the joy and simplicity of gardening to many people! We are here to facilitate your journey and help you find your green thumb!