Opportunity to add fertile soil.

In urban areas the naturally present soil is often unsuited or under amended to support the growth of producing plants.

Reduced soil erosion

No need for tilling

Benefits the soil and its biota. Adding material on top rather than tilling will over time improve the quality of soil, even if you started with a good base.

Weeds or lawn grass are easier to control

and kept out of the garden bed

Adjustable height of the bed frame

Some plants need deeper levels of fertile soil to thrive. Depth is especially important when installing raised bed over concrete or gravel. Higher working surface also protects our backs and knees.

Improved soil drainage

in areas with clay soil or heavy rains will benefit many plants that have rot susceptible roots.

Control over soil conditions

like porosity and pH

Safe from soil compaction

Safe from (some) pets

especially those that enjoy munching on our greens as much as we do (chicken, ducks or rabbits!). Slug invasion is also slowed down and easier kept under control.

Square foot gardening

It is the ideal setup for famous square foot gardening

Great for beginner gardeners

Easy on the knees and back

easy on the knees and back is an additional benefit to consider

Visually Attractive

It is also a way of gardening. Neat and well-built garden bed can be a feature that adds charm to the property but can also be moved to a new location if needed

Can be short or long term

Easy to relocate


With a diversity of our products, it is very easy to almost instantly create your own green haven suited to your living space and environment. All of our products are chemical free and suitable to grow vegetables, herbs or ornamentals. With a palette of materials, sizes and shapes in our offer, we are confident you’ll find the right fit for your needs.

Here is a short introduction to My Kbun garden beds, pots and planters :

THE MATERIAL… all of our garden beds and planters are made either from bamboo, terracotta or wood. 

THE SIZE… from big to small, we have it all! Our bamboo hanging, free standing and vertical pots as well as a variety of the terracotta planters are all a great fit for patios and balconies. Some are ready to use as they are, others can be hung with the rope or attached to the wall with mounting brackets. Some garden beds are easy to set up without any tools and others are easily assembled with basic tools. It can be a DIY set up, otherwise our team will be happy to do it for you. Vertical garden bed assemblage and taller hedge raised beds are perfect against the house or boundary walls to create stunning border gardens along a perimeter of your lawn or driveway or to create a visual separation between different areas of your garden. Most importantly, My Kbun garden beds can be for gardens of many shapes and sizes!

THE TYPE…you can choose between pots, planters, free standing or hanging/mounted types of planters, raised, terraced and vertical garden beds. 

THE PURPOSE… smaller bamboo planters and terracotta pots are perfect for growing leafy greens and microgreens if you like to eat your veggies very fresh, young and tender. They are also great for mini cactuses and succulents or smaller decorative plants. Vertical and hedge garden beds are taller and with the right soil mix ideal for growing all the Mediterranean herbs. Of course, they can also be used for growing vegetables, especially those with deeper roots like tomatoes or for  ornamental plants and flowers. Raised and terraced garden beds are great for growing vegetables, providing that you choose the right depth and size. The pyramid garden is perfect for growing culinary herbs with different sun and humidity needs

Contact us if you have a specific purpose on your mind and you have difficulties deciding which product is your best fit!


All of our garden beds can be assembled in many combinations of length and width. Bamboo raised beds have a fixed height. Some wooden garden beds have a fixed height; the frames of other types can be stacked to whatever height you desire. Terraced garden beds are the most versatile, created by stacking the frames of same width and different lengths, which results in various depths within one garden bed. Plants have different soil depth needs to develop a healthy root system and with this solution they can all be grown in the same garden bed. With wooden frames in our offer you can also create L shaped or U shaped (keyhole) garden beds of many sizes. Options are almost limitless!


My Kbun garden beds can be a good option for home gardeners who can’t or don’t want to make permanent changes to the property. Garden beds in our offer are aesthetic, practical and can be temporary if you wish so. They can be placed directly on dirt, lawn, or even a weedy patch (weeds underneath will soon form a composted base) without any structural changes to the surface beneath. Growing in garden beds can add to your yard an enchanting greenery with many benefits for you and your environment! Once emptied of soil, they are easy to relocate if needed. The barren patch of ground left behind can be replanted with the grass. With regular watering and a pinch of fertilizer, the grass will cover the ground in no time. 


There is a lot of talk about self sufficiency but ultimately, we are dependent beings. We need people, we need other living things and creatures and we all together need Earth. Self-sufficiency or not, sustainability should be the path to follow to preserve what we depend on. In the last decades our life seems to be turning increasingly more around consumption. We have every right to enjoy life and look for ways to make it fun and comfortable!. There are many ways to do so, some more ethical and sustainable than others. Without reflecting on the far stretching ripple effect our choices have on our environment (social and natural), we are jeopardizing not only our future lifestyle but especially the life quality of all the generations to come. 

At My Kbun it is important to us to find garden solutions that sustain the environment and natural resources. For creating and maintaining a garden not every solution or option is 100% green, we have yet to find a bamboo watering can! Many times we are limited to either more or less ecological options. Whatever choices we make in our offer, we think a lot and consider many parameters before making a decision. If you look at our products and think of a better alternative that could improve our sustainability, we would love to get in contact with you and hear about it! 


Garden Beds

For our wooden garden beds we are using reclaimed iron and boat wood which are both strong, durable and with a unique look. Reusing any material is environmentally friendly and the signs of previous life give the wood a certain charm you can’t get from new timber. Iron wood often has small holes left after removing nails from original usage and boat wood is typically with some holes from bolts and marks of sea life. Wooden raised beds from reclaimed wood are on the pricey side but will endure for many years. Another option for wooden raised beds is a frame made from locally grown sustainable timber. As an alternative to wood we love using bamboo and terracotta. Bamboo is relatively short lived when exposed to elements but quite inexpensive and can still last up to two years or more in the garden. When it is time to change the individual canes or the complete frame, it is easy to do so and at low additional cost considering the garden bed iron corners from your first purchase will last you a lifetime. Terracotta is another eco-friendly choice and the way it ages is so charming and rustic. With proper handling it will last you a very long time. The drawback is that the size of terracotta garden beds is quite limited in size and shape compared to other garden beds. However – small terracotta raised beds are a great complement to terracotta pot gardening, both together creating a very homely appeal.

Other Products

We do our best to source as many things as possible here in Bali - not only to reduce our carbon impact but also to support the local economy. Whenever the product we need is not available in Bali, we source from neighboring islands. If we decide to import a product from abroad, it is only in the case when a green value of the product is so important compared to alternatives we find in Indonesia, that it overweighs our initial reservations.


Our garden beds are all handmade and have a rustic feel. They are made in Bali by local artisans who mostly have basic hand tools to work with. After selecting reclaimed wood, the main work left is cutting and assembling.  When frames are joined by an old style interlock design, the cutout shape of mortise and tenon are visibly a work of an artisan, which adds a sentimental charm to the product. Terracotta tiles are made with manual press, sun dried and then fired above coconut husk fire. We don’t use any chemical treatment or finishing on any of our garden bed frames.  All the materials will age with time, without the chemical protection the signs will be visible a bit sooner. We offer you a natural look but if you would like to customize your garden beds with some varnish or color, it should be easy to do so .