We are striving to minimise our waste and maximise our sustainability. With those efforts in mind…

We are keeping packaging of our products to a minimum.

For the moment, many products are not repacked from the package in which we received them therefore some bags (like the ones that are used for sawdust, straw etc) might look a bit worn down from continuous reuse. The purpose behind this decision is to not create additional waste by repacking. As soon as we can afford a bigger storage, we will be buying in big quantities without any packaging whenever possible. Upon that we will deliver the product either without any container, with reusable containers or 100% biodegradable packaging. Reusable containers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being reused. Biodegradable containers can be added to a compost pile, used as a sheet layer below the mulch or disposed of in a recycling bin.

Some products are available in reused containers

Some products are available in reused containers as well as in the new ones. For the new containers there is an additional charge.

We are avoiding unnecessary labeling

We are avoiding unnecessary labeling that would create additional waste. You will see our logo engraved or printed on some of our products. When that kind of labeling is impossible, we prefer using no labeling at all. You know very well where you bought those items; we feel it is ok to not remind you with unnecessary labels.