We are a small business dedicated to finding or making practical products for gardening and sustainable living.
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No space? No worries!
With a planter or two, even the smallest corner can give you some veggies, herbs and a nice green space.
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Put your thumb to good use
Home gardening has many benefits for you and the planet !
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At My Kbun we believe we are all innately attracted to nature. We have a tendency to connect with other living beings and we universally appreciate the diversity of shapes, colors and life found in the natural surroundings.

The close contact with nature was somewhat lost along with the changes of our lifestyle but in many of us the need to (re)connect with earth remains strong. That relation is imperative for our mental and physical wellbeing and the fact that we live in an urban environment does not mean we have to abandon the idea of ever having a green patch at our hands reach. 

We can ground ourselves and reconnect with the nature through gardening and it works regardless of the space or time available to us. At My Kbun we have a palette of gardening options for urban environment, from smaller terrace/balcony pots and planters to a variety of bigger outdoor garden beds and planters.

Please explore our offer and see if there is something that draws your aspiration.


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